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Jenny Woods (Bunny Jenny) VS. Tyler Shields.

Inspiration knocks at our doors in different ways, forms,muses and ideas. At the same time we can trigger creativity by working hard,connecting dots in your brain about different experiences and working the muscles of your mind by having new experiences but you can not do the same with inspiration.

As a person that is always looking new ways to get inspired and creative sometimes you most wonder where do a certain idea came from and what was the source that generated it. The collective incontinence, all the previous works done before yours ,that you have already inhaled play an important part and sometimes they get stamped in your mind ,without you noticing it. So the real challenge when doing art is to take all those ideas that rumble your mind and that have a previous existence ; is to grab them close to you and start a new personal approach and journey that can have a micro or macro scale , and convert them into new worlds and give life to a new piece.

But what happens when you think you had a great idea and turns out you didn’t and it was just plagiarism? Until what point inspiration becomes pure steal? What if you never realize that happened? Sometimes concepts gets framed in your head and then you spit a new work and it turns out it wasn’t yours, that have already been done. Also there is a chance that global tendencies,developments and events of the world generate very similar new concepts in different locations but publication and work procedure can prove the authenticity of the work.

Next is presented the work of two different American photographers who did very alike work.One is Jenny Woods a.k.a Bunny Jenny, a 19 year old girl from Florida who is autodidact and have been publicly working on her craft since she was 16 ,and have became a sensation over flickr where you can observe the early beginnings of her mature work until the most recently improved one. And the other is Tyler Shields a famous photographer who also does video portraits of celebrities of the entertainment industry and that have gain popularity through it.

The Bunny Jenny’s photos showed are the solo work of Woods in her room and a year later her boss at her Local Newspaper made the video presented next from the original photography and idea that Jenny did before. Posing herself as the model in both concepts.

In shields work you can see actress Dianna Agron as the model.


P.S: An artist shouldn’t be entirely judge just by one piece.

"Jenny Woods"

60D and T2i: “Like endless rain into a papercup” from J. Zaragoza on Vimeo.

December 2010.

October 2nd, 2009

October 2nd,2009.

October 2nd,2009.

December 2010

"Tyler Shields"

November 30th 2011.

May 17th 2011.

May 17th 2011.

May 17th,2011.

May 17th , 2011.

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