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U2 Live Internet Streaming On Youtube From Rose Bowl At Los Angeles California.
October the 25th , 2009.

U2 is not the same young, garage, rebellious band that they were in the beginning of their carrier. Maybe it has to do with Bono’s dream as a little boy and teenager of becoming into a great show -men (He wanted to be as cool in stage as Tom Jones).

The way they do music is the same but the form in which is presented to the public is different. The approach to the Irish problematic is less empirical and now the opinion is more informed, educated and pro active; they moved from local to global issues.

To be a true artist it is fundamental to be sensitive and sensible to the reality and events that surround you as well as your own, to later transform that new idea into a new world.

The Dublin Band creates those worlds in their tours.They want to innovate in them.The core is the music and they have been adding elements to it.  First was the  innovation with architectural structures,lights,videos ,screens and trying a closer approach to the audience. In the Vertigo Tour they decided to join forces with the National Geographic Society to produce a movie called U2-3D which would be the first digital 3D movie recorded live and with 5.1 sourund sound. The result was a movie experience were people would attend the cinema theaters and felt inside a concert where they would sing and dance to the beat of the songs and not in a movie were characters throws water at you to show it was a 3D movie. The implications of these two companies working together in such project would be the affirmation to the cinematographic industry that 3D will be the more frequently used in the future.

With the 360 degrees Tour they made another landmark in the music buisness. They broadcasted live from the Rose Bowl in L.A  and for free through Youtube obviously in the nets a concert targeted to a worldwide audience. They did it with impeccable HD quality and with multiple camera angles.Once again they do another statement with the form of their message: The internet is just as important as other telecommunication media. We want to be close as possible to our fanbase. We want to keep innovating. We wan’t you to get inside of our uthopic world and move you with our music. And maybe in their minds internet is a way of democratizing music, but i think these issue is more complicated and it dissevers a post of it’s own.

The only thing i have to say to close these post is:


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