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Thom Yorke, “Harrowdown Hill”

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I love to re-do things. Like when you re-read a book, you re-discover music, re-watch a movie you really liked, you re-unite with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time and the rest of human activities that you can imagine. Recently I have been re-discovering Radiohead’s and Tom York’s music .

Watching these video in the present made me realize how pulling the perfect crew for a project can make things timeless and upfront their times. Lots of the cinema techniques being used are very popular right now in the videographer-photographer circle. Such as the time lapsing photo shoots. I also perceived some images that aren’t ,very original,for example the ones with the birds, i can relate several videos and designs with the same proposal. It might be truth that we don’t create nothing new, we just transform things; just as matter and energy do.


— 4 years ago
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