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Kenzo - Electic Jungle.
When publicity becomes art and fashion a Mecenas to the artists.
Art Direction: Mat Maitland.
Direction: Smith & Read / Mat Maitland.
Animation: Natalia Stuyk.
Production: Alastair Coe at Big Active.
Music: ‘Mädchen Amick’ by Buffalo Tide.

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Colette c’est chouette - BUSY P feat Linlee Allen

This is one of the reasons why  Colette rules. Besides selling stuff they promote art. They made a track for their 15 year anniversary.

Felices 15 Colette!

P.S. :I can’t stop dancing to this , automatic cool mood setter!

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Todo Sobre Missoni from Marco Maccapani on Vimeo.

Todo Sobre Missoni

A little piece of art made publicity for the Missoni House by Marco Maccapani.Inspired in Pedro´s Almodovar cinematic world ,muses and pop up kids books plus the sexy intonation that the music creates will make of this 2012 Spring Summer campaign a Goal for the clothing house.


P.S: To find more technical info about the film go to Marco´s Maccapani Vimeo   and go check his visual diary at tumblr.

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A most love publicity with Carmen Dell’Orefice

Modern days marketing sell us the idea that beauty is the equivalent of being young and fiting a specific canon that resembles most of the time the Teuton look. I strongly don’t believe this. I think physical beauty can be find in people all ages, races and in particularities of individuals. After all, we all are genetically 99.9% alike, we share the same human genome.

I firmly believe that marketing and publicity should re- formulate this ideas in order to engage with their audience instead of just producing a distortion of reality.For example many brands that are targeted to people in their 50´s-70´s show models of people in their 20´s in their adds and maximum pushing their 30´s. I know by first hand that people don´t feel related to that publicity, au contraire they feel insulted. My mother who is 57 always complains about this and says that if people her age aren’t supposed to buy things or where is the publicity for the woman of her age. She says that she would like to watch models her own age advertising the things that are directed to her and not from a lady that is 1/4 her age.

Carmen Dell’Orefice dedicated all her life to modeling and right now she is the oldest woman in the world who is modeling with luxury brands,photoshoots,big commercial campaigns crossing different media and the runway, in three words proper high fashion. This is an example since it is a rarity and i really hope that one day this would be the normal reality we live in.

The next commercial by El Palacio de Hierro a departmental store from Mexico portraits my whole idea with this beautiful short filmed in Paris and started by the incredible Carmen.


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THE ORIGINAL LAMBADA BY KAOMA .- Was it filmed in Hipster Ville?

Please ,please you gotta check out the 1989 original Lambada video. I know it is all over the place because J.Lo recently made a version of it. But what i really want you to observe is the aesthetics of the video. It looks like it was recorded in this Spring-Summer 2011 season and specifically targeted to hipsters of this era.The obvious reason for this to happen is that fashion recycles it´s trends and that they were really fashion forward at their time or maybe inspiration from this video has made it to the runways. Funny , ha?

Observe the next pointers at the video:

  • The colors of the clothing : Vibrant yellows , oranges,mixed with whites. Very similar to what Prada is presenting this season.
  • The skirts of the girls: The cut is the same that girls are using this days , the difference is that you find them in the market with floral motives.
  • The pants of the boys: White ,with a thin summery belt, boating style. Getting tighter in the ankles .Just as every runway has presented for the last two season for men clothing.
  • The shirt that the little girl wear: This shirt has been out and present for men and woman during the past five summers.
  •  The nerdy glasses of people in the background: Yeah that is trade mark of nerdy hipsters ,isn’t it?
  • The haircut of the dad:Is the haircut that many male models have been showing in the runway during the last two seasons and that you can spot on many male clothing adds.The only modification i can tell is that men wear it a little bit shorter in the sides.
  • The hair due of the little girl:You can identify that hair due in most of fashionable girls in the streets now.Perhaps if you are in a public space you can point at one.
  • The hair due of main singer: The hair due is the classical one that any rock singer would roll on with.
  • Panameñan Hat: Yep , there is a dude in background with one of those, if that doesn’t scream hipsterland , i don’t know what does.
  • Shoes:Boating shoes all over the place.
  • The boat in the background: That screams summer in any photo tumblr or blogg.

If i´m missing any pointers please let me know.


P.S: I want my future kids to have the rhythm of the little ones of the video and i wanna dance like that too.

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I’m listed in Tumblweeds under fashion, popculture, geek

I’m listed in Tumblweeds, a user-generated community directory that rates Tumblr bloggers by their number of followers. Find me listed in #fashion, #popculture, #geek

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