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Fuerza Bruta & Usher.

Ten years ago i attended a show called De La Guarda , i have never seen anything like that before. A combination of aerial acrobatics, dance ,tribal and electronic music. Plus interactivity with the public. My senses were awake at that performance.I learned that it was a show made by an Argentinian dance company that was having huge success in NYC and therefore around the globe.

Five years later i went to see the Part II of that show and it was called Fuerza Bruta a completely different spectacle but with the same fiesta ,interactivity , be amazed and censorial excited feeling.

A few days ago while zapping the t.v i bumped over MTV the Usher video called scream which was filmed at the Fuerza Bruta Show. I think this is a great example of how something that was being relativity small and alternative can become something big and for the masses. And i couldn’t be happier for the Latin American dance company because it means a greater exposition of their art to the world. Also i´m guessing that the bigger the phenomenon more future shows we will get as audience .Isn’t it?


— 2 years ago
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