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Watch Glastonbury Festival 2011 Live →

Another Classic within the Music Festival Scene : Glastonbury,rocking since 1970  . Many other festivals have taken inspiration from this one, even to create their lineups,because Glasto ( as it is cherished called) team arrange a fantastic and impressive one, year after year, anyone important and or up coming in the Rock ( in all of their genres)  or Pop will be playing here.

I love that internet aloud us being there without having to be in the exact place. Breaking the copyright idea that old dinosaurs have in the music industry and any copyright law enforcement protector ,that says that you have to charge for everything. The success is in the festival itself and therefore the profit. This platform just reaffirms the product in a worldwide position.So they better start playing the new game and start forgetting the one that ruled in the 80´s and mid 90´s.

UPDATE: Apparently there is steel dinosaurs in every industry. Glasto is not available for people outside their country.I don’t know if the massive following attention of the festival outside the UK made people who manages BBC page close it for foreigners ,due to a problem with bandwidth or copyright .They should arrange this for the rest of it or at least for next year. Coachella was available to anyone in Youtube Live.


P.S: Two Door Cinema Club Playing right now. They sound so good live, just like in the record but with the spice of the live ambiance.

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