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Las Meninas de…

The existence of Master Pieces on art is no secret. They are the source of inspiration of many artists because they made a breakthrough on their field and perhaps being surpassed.

The maximum form of tribute that an artist can pay to another is doing the reinterpretation of that material. Why ?because it means that it has impacted the life of the performer and because it implies that the admiration is enormous and that the person is willing to take that other persons work and make it is own , to then publicly expose those studies and manifest the infatuation towards the celebrated one.

Next are presented a series of paintings that were inspired by Velázquez’s Meninas.A painting that has been named as perfection by the art world and that has been redone and influenced other painters of different eras and painting movements , that latter the redone style has been the inspiration of more artist, becoming an infinite source of creativity, that perhaps have been inserted in our personal world without noticing or having the knowledge of it.


P.S. : If you wish to see more of the sketches and reinterpretations that Picasso did of the Meninas you can go Museu Picasso website to give them a glimpse and also if you wanna visit it with your flesh and bones you can go to Barcelona and see the paintings. For the Picasso and Hamilton canvases you can go and visit El Museo Del Prado in Madrid.

Velázquez 1656

Picasso 17/08/1957

Hamilton 1973

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