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Chris Hadfield- Space Oddity

You know when they say music becomes part of the soundtrack of your own life? Well this happened to the extreme. Excellent choice Mr. Austronaut  .

The video was actually filmed on sapce.


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Amazing interview of a 40 year carrer with Giorgio Moroder by Jian Ghomeshi.


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PopRally Presents Chloroform →

The MoMA got in it´s Pop Rally section a new short from the song Chloroform by phoneix and directed by Sofia Coppola , which explores the relationship fan in extasy with it´s band of choice.


To find more about the interview made by Anne Morra, Associate Curator in the Department of Film of the MoMA , to Sofia Coppola visit:

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Franz Ferdinand - Oblivion, Grimes Cover at Session Acoustique OÜI FM.


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Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’ by Tashaki Miyaki.

Follow their sound cloud is good :

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Notorious Insanity 1996 .

Mashup by the Flight Facilities of the smash up hit Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai and Notorious B.I.G´s Hypnotize, which by the way who haven’t mixed it?Plus you can listen as a delicious dressing over a salad, you know,the olive oil to your spinach; the drums of Killing Me Softly by The Fugees.


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Twitter New Music App. It let’s you discover new music and popular music through the data of the social network , presenting it , in a beautiful graphic app, that can be connected to spotify and rdio. Also you can twitt the popular hashtag #NP : Now Playing directly from the app , if you are listening some piece with in it. The twits will lead you to the iTunes store, instead to redirect you to the app, which I think this might be some monetization strategy.And you can notice what others that you follow are playing too. Which by the way in my timeline people don’t have good music taste, haha. The down side is that you need time and premium accounts in external services to be able to use it properly. You can use it as a quick radio station that will change the songs every few seconds. I think in the future they are going through that strategy be a radio service like the ones they use now.
Overall if you have time to discover music , you will like it.

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I just like the aesthetics and rythm of the next video directed by Canada.Do you like swords?Do you like shinny things? Then I guess you will like the Spanish Music/Video too.

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Ta-ku -Higher (Flume Remix)

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