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Kaleidoscope/Mirror Videos:
One from Argentina the other from Australia ,both from down under. Sharing hemisphere most give them great visual ideas.
•Ilya Kuryaki And The Valderramas - Ula , Ula.
•Anna Lunoe & Flume - I Met You.

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Fox Retro from PUNGA on Vimeo.

Buenos Aires based animation studio Punga does this retro 8-bit animation for Fox which includes Star Trek and Wonder Woman representations.


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subprime from beeple on Vimeo.

Subprime by beeple. A video animation about typical American houses.

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Prada Spring Summer 2011 Film Campagin

Prada SS11 Campaign Film from F.TAPE on Vimeo.

Tati Cotliar, Kinga Razjak, Arizona Muse, Mariacarla Boscono, and Zuzanna Bijoch dance to the Ratatat’s song “Mirando” for Prada’s Spring/Summer 2011 campaign film by Steven Meisel

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We all want to be Young by Box1824.

Amazing documentary about the Millennial Generation, aka :YOU, Generation X and Baby Boomers; that i found over twitter via @SarahColette.

According to the pyramid,statics and marketing focus groups i am not young anymore,even if i think that i am,i just turned 31 .Also i am not trying to copy this new generation, i don’t wanna be a 18 years old YO, i just wanna be me.I don’t feel i am part of “Generation X” because i was too young when the definition of this generation was made, i didn’t feel completely related to the standards because i thought the older young pack was making this rules, not me.I don’t think there is a name to my generation.

I truly believe that the definition and experience of being Young that we see in movies, art is lived from the stage of your 18s to your 26, then you start worrying about different stuff , even if you steel are young.

I feel related to this new generation cause a lot of the changes that they portrait as the new generation or global generation happened when i was young , lots of those changes were made by my generation, that now is the legacy to your generation and if you are really young you won’t feel related to this new generation as i didn’t when i was much much younger.

All i know is that every generation will try to be different to their parents generation.Unless i am too old and a new generation comes to teach us different.

We All Want to Be Young (leg) from box1824 on Vimeo.

P.S: I think a part of me will keep forever young, not all because i like evolution. Update: This video talk about the generation of the `00s , now we are starting the ’10s so is another generation, no wonder why i felt so related.The new generations are taking over, i salute all of you and good luck buddies.

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Best Google Doodle Ever.

It is Pac-Man’s 30 year anniversary and Google celebrated it with an interactive doodle , displaying a twisted logo with the classic arcade game. Just for this weekend head over , click the insert coin button and start playing.If you wanna play doubles with Mrs.Pacman double tap the insert coin button.

Thnx Google i had an infancy flashback!

P.S. Sorry for the watermark.

UPDATE: You can go and play at

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Video : Berlin Block Tetris by Sergej Hein

I think of Berlin as a “weird” city. Maybe is the cultural clash that occurs in these place. Imperial memories lives with The City of Design, recently named by UNESCO because of its innovation in these field. Maybe they are trying to hide or to renew it’s communist  past with new bestial constructions. But at the same time War (I and II) , post- war and the Wall Divition are present in the architecture, life, and mind of people. They want to fade away that part in time.Forgetting is not as easy for them as it is for us, the Mexicans. The World won’t aloud them to do it so.

Apparently the part that has been tried to be deleted, the new generations have incorporated it  as part of the culture and POP scene in Germany, it is part of their identity, it is part of them selfs.They have been living these transition and duality.Living in a socialist building while playing TETRIS in a GAMEBOY.

This melange is one of the many contributions that allow Berlin and Germany continue to linger as a source of knowledge and ideas. The young man is right … it is best to remember to forget.

Check out the interview with Sergej and the original text in spanish

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